Bengal Cats and Bengal Kittens from Tejas Bengal Cats.  Bengals have excellent temperaments and make wonderful pets.  Bengals have a "wild" look and are exotic appearing, but most have years of domestic breeding in their pedigrees.  Tejas Bengal Cats pride ourselves on having the finest Championship bloodlines and beautiful Kittens.
Bengal Kittens for Sale.  Excellent Pets

Lovable, loving little Kittens...
Rare, exotic, beautiful
Cuddle up with a tame little piece of the wild!

We normally have pet kittens.

Highest quality breeding stock is also available.

Shipping can be arranged to anywhere within the US.

We are in Central Texas, close to Georgetown, and only a conversation away from Austin, Houston, Dallas or San Antonio. We welcome visitors to our place. 
Bengal Kittens for sale...
This is such a nice little boy.  To see pictures of other Bengal kittens, click him.  (careful...he's ticklish). 



Savannah Kittens

We have several kittens from several different litters available.  You can click this boy's picture to go see them.
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 If you want to email me about any of the above kittens, just click this line.

You may also call me at 512-658-7265...evenings preferably.

Since we started showing in TICA in 1993, we have produced 18 Supreme Grand Champions.  We have bred 3 Best Bengals International, in two separate associations.  We have had kittens available with 5 generations of Supremes in their pedigrees!  

About Bengal Kittens

Possibly because of their wild heritage, most Bengal kittens have a kitten coat and an adult coat. They shed their kitten coat around 16 to 25 weeks of age. During the time they have their kitten coat, sometimes they can be really fuzzy, and their color and pattern can be difficult to distinguish. When their adult coat starts to come in, it can really be breathtaking, and it seems like every time you see them, they've changed.

If you purchase a kitten from us, you should take it to your vet within seven days. He should give it a thorough going over, and if he finds any unsatisfactory conditions, you may return the kitten for a refund, or another kitten. If a congenital condition shows up during the first year of the kitten's life, we will replace it, subject to the terms and conditions of the contract.

Each kitten is handled and played with daily.  We keep the litters separate in order to ensure that they can be properly registered, and to help control kitten disorders.  They stay with their moms until they are around 8 weeks old and are weaned.

The kittens usually start to eat solid food around 4 weeks old.  We feed a premium kitten food, and a special mix we have formulated. High quality food is a must, as added fillers, hormones and preservatives are the cause of many problems later in their life.

They get their kitten shots at 6, 9 and 12 weeks old, and need to get their Rabies shots when they around 4 months old. We require that they have their second shot before they leave our cattery.

Shipping Information

We will ship cats or kittens anywhere within the US or Canada. We can ship overseas, but special provisions have to be made, depending upon the destination. We select the airlines we ship on with the safety of the kittens in mind and the care they will receive in route. We are very happy with Continental. I'm sure other lines do just as well, but Continental's service has been excellent.

We prefer to ship cargo rather than counter to counter as the kittens receive the same care and are shipped in the same plane, side by side with kittens shipped counter to counter. When we ship cargo, we book the kitten all the way thru to the final destination, and confirm all plane changes in advance. We have to be sure that the weather is ok, and that the kittens won't get too hot or cold. We also have to have a current health certificate, and Rabies cert if the kitten is over 13 weeks old. With Continental's pet shipping, if the kitten and carrier weigh less than 10#, the freight is $119, plus fuel charges.  If the kitten and carrier weigh more than 10#, it's around $180.  The carrier will be provided, but it will cost $25 more, and is yours to keep.  We pay for the expense of the Health Certificate.



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