Available Bengal Kittens

 This is Deanna's litter Click on the thumbnail, and you can see a larger picture.  Click on your "Back" button to come back.

Deanna had 4 kittens, all boys.  I'm doing this page on Aug 18 (2018, in case I don't get back to this soon) and as of today, they are around 10 weeks old.  All are quite nice, and each has his own personality quirks.  You have to interact with them to pick one.

This is boy one.  I named him Boy one because he was the first to the food bowl when I fed them.  He likes to be petted...not really crazy about being held.

He has a very contrasted coat, he's rosetted, and likes to play.

So...this is boy two.  He looks half asleep in the first picture...but he blinked faster than the camera.  Nice boy, good, warm colors, and very nicely rosetted.  Gonna have a wild coat when he's older.

Boy three.  Everything I said above applies here.  He's fairly timid now...doesn't like to be picked up.  However, when I do pick him up and hold him in my lap, he likes to cuddle.

This one is mine.  Not going to sell him.  He's slated to become the father of future generations of kittens.

If you want more information, you may call me at 512-658-7265.  My email is bengalsjim@gmail.com

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