The Asian Leopard Cat

The Asian Leopard Cat is a small (6-12 pounds) feral cat found in Asia, primarily in South East Asia. His range is from the islands of the East Indies through Indo-China and up into China and Mongolia.

The Asian Leopard Cat is the most populous cat species in the world except for the domestic house cat. He is a highly effective predator, subsisting on insects, rodents, birds and other small prey. He tends to shy away from populated areas.

Being somewhat low on the food chain, the Leopard Cat is shy and reclusive. He makes a very poor exhibition animal for zoos, as he hides, and stays in his run, rather than coming out and playing and doing other cat things.

The Leopard Cat is hunted extensively for his fur, and over 200,000 were killed in 1994 for this purpose. Despite this, the Leopard Cat is not an endangered species.

The Asian Leopard Cat makes a very poor pet, as it does not have the instinct to use litter boxes and doesn't gentle down readily.