Wood Pellet Cat Litter

When you have multiple cats or a cattery, what to use for cat litter can sometimes be a problem.  We have solved that problem to our satisfaction by using wood pellets.  There are several brands, and several purposes for wood pellets.  Stove fuel for hardwood pellets and livestock bedding for softwood pellets are the two primary uses.

Very soon much of the sawdust and waste from timber operations may be used for generating alcohol for fuel.  For now, much goes into wood pellets.  A sack of pellets costs between $3.90 and $6.00.  Unless, you use the Feline Pine.  A 20# or so bag of it is around $15.00.  The cheaper pellets work just as well.

I don't have a picture here, but if you have inside cats and want an easy way to clean up, slide your litterbox into a large black plastic trash bag, then pour the pellets in the box...Use a covered litterbox, and let the cats have at it.  Every few days, just remove the litter box from the bag, turn the bag inside out and this traps the litter in the bag.  You can then discard the litter.  DON'T FLUSH IT!  Either throw it in the trash, or compost it.


This is a 40 pound sack of Lone Star Bedding...wood pellets.  It's used primarily for horse stalls.   Only put around an inch in the litterboxes.  It expands as it gets used.


I have a little red trailer that I pull behind the riding mower.  I haul the used litter down to the pasture, and create this windrow.  The freshly turned portion is a couple of years old.  In the background is this year's pellets.  You have to turn the pile ever so often...the more frequently, the quicker it works.
This row is three years old.  In the foreground is an area I loaded onto the trailer today.
This is today's "harvest".  A whole year will produce possibly 3 or 4 trailer loads like this.  Behind the trailer is a new septic field which the contractor covered with sandy loam.  I'll spread the composted litter on it.
Here's a closer look.  There's no way you could tell that this was ever Cat Litter or wood pellets.  It's totally decomposed.  I hesitate to use the litter on a garden where people will consume the veggies, but I have no problem with spreading it around on our stony soil in an attempt to get some topsoil going.



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