Parade of Champions

We are understandably proud of our award winning Bengals!  All of our Stud males and most of our Queens are titled, and we have made more TICA Supreme Grand Champions and titled cats in the years we have been showing than any other Bengal Cattery.  We select our breeding stock for friendliness and beauty, and the results can be seen in the magnificent cats and kittens featured below.  This is not a complete listing of Tejas Titled cats.
1997 Best Bengal International

The Best Bengal in the World!

He's an International Winner, Best Bengal in the World, in 1997. He was the Best Shorthair Cat in the Region, and the 7th Best Shorthair Internationally. See Cutter's Show Season.
He became a Supreme Grand Champion his 4th show, 3 days before he turned 9 months old.

Cutter's Pedigree

The Bengal of the Millennium
Year 2000 Best Bengal
IWSGC Tejas Myna Lone

He's our best stud, he gives us marvelous kittens, and is a sweet-tempered, friendly boy and so are his kittens.

Loner's Pedigree

RWSGC Tejas Victoria (Tori)

As of this writing she's the Second Best Allbreed cat in the South Central Region, the Third Best Bengal in the world, and she plays a mean game of "fetch".  She was the Second Best Bengal Kitten in the SC Region last year, behind Loner.  Yes, I have some sisters of hers here.  Her strong points are her superb type, good coloring, a whited tummy and an impish, playful personality.  She is a fine example of the females that we continue to show.



A beautiful Bengal Cat.  Excellent disposition
This is SGC Tejas Sam Houston, one of our best Cats ever!  He figures prominently
 in many of our pedigrees.
Sammy was 2nd Best Bengal in the SC Region in 1996
2nd Best Bengal in the SC Region in 1997.
1996 SC Region Best Bengal Kitten.

Strawberry is a beauful Bengal Cat, and now has some nice Bengal Kittens available
Regional Winner 
Supreme Grand Champion
Tejas Poteet Strawberry
1999 South Central Region Best Bengal

4th Best Bengal Internationally

Best Bengal Female Internationally

1999 South Central Region 7th Best Allbreed Cat

South Central Region's Best Bengal Kitten 1999

South Central Region's 19th Best Kitten 1999


A very rosetted Bengal Kitten.  Best Bengal Kitten in the TICA South Central Region
Regional Winner
Tejas Moody
Supreme Grand Champion Tejas Nuklear Meltdown

1996 2nd Best Bengal Alter International
(He's the smaller one)

Two times SC Region's Best Bengal Alter 

Quad Grand Champion Tejas Nuklear Tonopah
Grand Champion Henredon of Tejas
(Son of Tejas Rajah and Tejas Simba)
Champion Gemstones Cowboy of Tejas
(Son of Tejas Sam Houston and Tejas Honey of Gemstones)

Supreme Grand Champion 
Tejas Cutter Quallah T
1998 SC Region Best Bengal Kitten

1998 2nd Best Bengal Alter International

Supreme Grand Champion 
Gogee's Tejay of Tejas

Champion Tejas Nuke Em

Nuke Em has had many titled kittens, including 9 that have made Grand Champion or better, and 3 Supreme Grand Champions

Triple Grand Champion Tejas Nuklear Fission (Fizzy)
Acclaimed as "The most beautiful cat in the world!
Supreme Grand Champion Tejas Asia Myna...this is a kitten picture.  Myna is the mother of Supreme Grand Champion Tejas Myna Lone

She was also SC Region's 14th Best Shorthair Cat, and third Best Bengal for 1999.