As featured in the Summer 1988 Texas Monthly "Domain" magazine

Decks and Patios




Here are some pictures of several small projects I did in the yard.  I built the boxes and stuff...Lorre did all the plants.  She has a real green thumb.

First, the raised vegetable bed:  Click the picture for a larger view


Next, we have the raised flower bed, which is directly in front of the front shade enclosure:


Finally, we have the shade enclosure.  This was built to permit shade in the summer, a windbreak in the winter, a place for more delicate plants, and a place to sit in the evenings so the mosquitos don't have to hunt so hard for you:


A few notes about the actual construction...I was on a very tight budget, so I used a very open construction, exposed framing and glassed in the front with glass harvested from old patio doors.

Everything is painted with "Redwood" exterior stain for protection.

The flower beds were filled with landscape mix plus my secret ingredient, a special compost mix.

We can either build pressure treated floors or concrete slab, with textures and special finishes also available.  Glass fronts may not be available unless you want to spring for the 1/4 inch tempered glass, which is around $150 per sheet.

Jim Smith