Inside Runs

Inside runs are usually for nurseries and occasionally for housing kittens or juveniles.  I find that putting adults outside in a sheltered area with lots of fresh air and sunshine is better than keeping them inside. 

Now, for the inside runs...I prefer that they not be built solid as part of the structure, but rather be freestanding, preferably on wheels so that you can move them around.   They need to be solid construction, painted or galvanized or aluminum (stainless is best, but very expensive) and the solid walls need to be tempered whiteboard, or perhaps fiberglass.  Again, fiberglass is expensive, but nice.  It's around $30 a sheet, and the whiteboard is around $10 a sheet.

This first run is wood.  It's made so that the back and sides can be easily removed and replaced, and the floor can be slid out, cleaned, and replaced.  It's built two high, one on top of the other.  Actually this run is too small for anything but a very pregnant cat and a nursing mom.  When the kittens get some size, they need to move to a larger run.


These next several runs are made of welded steel.  They have the wire front and white board for walls.

I've just finished these runs, and the next time they are empty I'll paint the unpainted shelves.  The run below has the white finished shelf board for the shelf. 

Notice that the door's off the floor by around a foot.  This gives you a fighting chance at keeping kittens in when they are 6 weeks old and everyone either wants to be fed or held.

Something that's not shown yet is that I'm going to cut and paint 2 X 4s so that when I get a run in place, I can put the 2X4s under the edges so that kittens can't get beneath them...when we let them out to play.  Usually it's not quite so messy, but the last three weeks has seen the nursery pretty  much demolished and rebuilt, and the tops of the new runs became a handy place to store things. (temporarily, of course)

Not shown also is a 2'deep, 4'wide and 8'tall cabinet also on wheels that's used for storing towels, blankets, koozies, etc.


Jim Smith

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