Cattery Details

You can spend a lot of money getting just the right cattery building built up.  Or, you can make a do it yourself job, depending on your skills, resources, time, etc.

A good cattery structure has several key requirements.  Some are more essential than others.

First, it needs to be able to provide proper shelter for your cats.  It should be neither too hot or too cold, and it should be dry, and you should be able to keep the wind well as blowing rain.  In Texas, you can have an open outdoor structure that you can protect with Tarps when it gets colder...providing that you have heated individual runs. 

Next, it needs to be secure, so cats can't escape, where unauthorized people and stray or wild animals are kept out.

Then, it needs to be easily cleaned and kept sanitary.

Finally, it needs to be easy to keep in repair.

You can accomplish this without spending a fortune.  Still, it's not totally inexpensive.  Being handy helps.  The most expensive part of any construction project is usually the labor involved.

Outside Run Construction

Inside runs

An idea for Water and dry food

Wood Pellets for Cat Litter

New Outdoor Run using PVC materials.


The guineas never do anything it is Oct 30, and they show up with seven new chicks.

Heated boxes  Haven't done this yet...but essentially, I have a light fixture that I can hang inside a large Rubbermaid box, all wire is in flexible aluminum conduit, and it uses a 60w bulb.  I use a carpet square inside the box because you can just throw it away and get another, and the boxes are done so you can take the lid off, unhook the light and hang it on the side of the wire run, take the box out and wash it, put a new carpet square in, and replace everything.