An Inexpensive food and Water Container

Down through the years we have spent literally thousands of dollars for different type of food and water containers.  Some were "tricky" some were very basic, but most were expensive.

Using bowls is fine, but they get turned over on a very regular basis.

The containers below are simple to make.  I use Gain bottles because we buy a LOT of Gain.  I figure that I average a bottle a week.  I like the Gain because it's nice and square, and hangs straight.

The metal hook on the back is a strip of 3/4" metal, around 8 inches long,  I fold it double so I get a piece that's 4 inches.  I then bend the hook.

I cut the opening by piercing the jar with a pocket knife, then using a sturdy pair of utility scissors or tin snips to cut it open.

Discard the piece you remove.  Wash it out thoroughly with hot water, then rinse till all the soap foam goes away.

Screw the hook to the jar with a drill gun and self tapping screws.  You can get these screws at any hardware store.  You should fasten the hook to the handle so that the screws pierce the handle, and not down in the container. 

This works equally for dry food as well as water.  it's easy to dump and when it gets old you can just throw it away. 

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