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updated jan 1, 2020

i've been planning to update this website for some time. might do a bit of it today.  i have 2 kittens remaining from my last litter, and i'll showcase them here. 

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amazon reviews for sentiment analysis

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 bengal kittens for sale

what is a bengal?

cheyenne and her baby
why it's hard to get anything done...

amazon reviews for sentiment analysis

By the end of 2021, estimates predict that Amazon will have an incredible 50% share of the US eCommerce market (Statista, 2021). Key to this success are significant changes to consumer behaviors and expectations over the last 30 years, coupled with the development of new technologies. The heatmap view immediately reveals that reviewers were busiest on Sundays. There may be nothing unusual about this – do customers try out their new products over the weekend and then find time to leave a review?

international winner supreme grand champion tejas myna lone is one of the cornerstones of our breeding program.

beautiful afrikhan cat on the cover of cat fancy magazine

since 1996 we have produced three international best bengals and 18 supreme grand champions.  two of our cats are international winners (top 20 for their show seasons)

above is afrikhan illusions, the cover girl for the june 2007 issue of cat fancy.  she is owned by teri redding. 


this is blanco.  he's a seal lynx point snow.

amazon reviews for sentiment analysis

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supreme grand champion alter

tejas tiger butter

owned and shown by

linda husbands

tica south central region

best bengal alter

congratulations to tb and linda for a job well done!

note...the 2004 logo above courtesy of the hooters girls


amazon reviews for sentiment analysis

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